Commercial & Industrial Electrical Service

Extensive Service, Expansive Industries

A commercial and industrial electrical service team that is as diverse as they are experienced. That’s what you will find at Lyons Electric. From design/build and new construction commercial electrical, to retrofit work and low voltage, if it powers something, turns on, plugs in, or connects your business, it is our passion.

Our team is no stranger to unique challenges. Whether it is mitigating the temporary nature and large electrical demands of a quarry in Lannon or setting up high capacity generator service in the case of an outage to keep your plant running, at Lyons Electric we know that reliable, fast service is essential to your business. Our 24/7 emergency service department has extensive experience responding to the needs of:

  • Healthcare & Assisted Living Facilities
  • Petroleum & Convenience Stores
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Religious & Non-Profit
  • Community & Municipal
  • Apartment & Dormitory
  • Foundry
  • Restaurants
  • Injection Molding
  • Industrial, Manufacturing & Warehouse
  • Schools & Universities
  • Office & Professional

24 Hour Emergency service

Experienced Across Many Electrical and Industrial Categories

Our Work in Commercial Electric

With experience across a variety of electrical and industrial electrical services, we have found that many times our clients are not in need of just one specialty, but a greater strategy to make them all work together. As a partner to business owners, contractors, facilities managers, engineers, and architects, we bring technical knowledge to help solve business problems. And while we are called commercial electricians, we focus on the energy that flows through your company – your people, your products, and your processes – bringing you the best solutions to maximize all three!

Industrial Service

Proactive when it matters, responsive when it matters even more. From a blown fuse to tripped pressure sensors, our diagnostic approach to industrial electrical service helps minimize downtime while thermal scanning and equipment inspections can prevent issues before they ever occur.

Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance

Whether it’s security or first impressions, we help maintain your parking lot lighting needs. From LED retrofit to auto-sensing and timer technology, our fleet is equipped with bucket and lift capabilities to improve your exterior facility lighting needs.

Building Signage

Working in partnership with sign fabricators and installers, we help facilities and businesses improve and maintain their signage. From adding service on a building facade to installing curb and street electrical for monument signs, your signage limitations will no longer be power.

Backup Power Generation

From uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to on-demand backup power generation, we will work with your team to ensure your business isn’t interrupted even when the power is out. We help you identify your critical needs, strengthening your overall business continuity.

Lighting Retrofit

Whether you are looking to maximize savings on your energy bill, help the planet by being more energy-efficient, upgrade the visual aesthetics of your facility, or follow a mandate, we bring skills and experience to lighting retrofit. Affordable retrofit projects that don’t interrupt your business operations…that’s our specialty.

Machinery Wiring

When it comes to machinery, it’s safety first. Proper wiring ensures both machine and operator are safe. From moving equipment to installing new machinery, our process relies on the detailed nature of our technicians, ensuring proper configurations and functionality for years to come.


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