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Trust. Authenticity. Accuracy. Communication. Service. Welcome to Lyons Electric, Wisconsin’s provider of all five since 1979. As industrial and commercial electricians, we understand that our work only sets us apart a little. It’s our people that set us apart a lot. We believe in strengthening our client relationships, applying our creative knowledge to the design/build process, and growing our excellent team by focusing on people first, projects second. Whether you’re seeking a new partner or a new career, let us help you.

Construction Experience Spanning Many Industries

Industry Specialties

Healthcare & Assisted Living

From wander management and access control to nurse call and life/safety systems, the unique needs of the healthcare industry and navigating DHS approvals and inspections is our specialty.

Petroleum & Convenience Stores

A niche service our team provides is extensive experience in the petroleum industry. Pump controls, explosive safe wiring, leak detection, and corrosive-free systems for car wash bays are all in our wheelhouse.

Religious & Non-Profit

Perhaps the most complicated part of sanctuary design, religious, and non-profit work is the design-by-committee approach. Our team embraces people and the passions they share, bringing your shared vision to life.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Planning for facilities and equipment expansion, evaluating, and installing new machinery, and keeping it all running smoothly. Our industrial electrical team provides 24/7 service and diagnostic capabilities to your business.

Commercial & Retail

High traffic areas with expensive products on display. Retail display lighting and unique security needs. From fitness centers to banks to shopping centers, we will make sure your customers, equipment, and products are safe.


Commercial Electrician and Electric Service Jobs

Why Join Our Team

If you ask any of our employees, they’ll tell you their favorite thing about working at Lyons Electric is our unique and passionate team. They may tell you other things too, but that’s because there’s so much to love about working here!

You may fit in if you appreciate the following:

  • Designing creatively
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Taking a seat in the director’s chair
  • Feeling appreciated by owners who regularly give back to employees

And, if you imagine the best day at work and it looks like finding a more efficient and cost effective way to solve a problem, celebrating a signed contract to start a new project, and winning at office basketball, that’s a glimpse of what you will find on a good day at Lyons Electric. The keyword being good… you’ll want to see what our best days look like.

  • We Support Family

  • We Foster Creativity

  • We Build Careers

  • We Want Growth

We Support Family

We Foster Creativity

We Build Careers

We Want Growth