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Prepare Your Building for the Future

Whether you are planning for future technology during the build process or improving on your existing infrastructure, taking an integrated approach to electrical and low voltage, data and systems are how you set yourself up for success. That’s why we created Lyons Integrated Systems.

People often wrongfully think that adding technology is expensive, risky, and permanent. But proper planning helps you to future-proof your investment, allowing you to have flexible systems that can evolve with your needs over time.

With our hands-on approach, we partner with the owner, contractor, and project managers to uncover your current and future technology needs. Reviewing each system in depth, we help you vet and select the best systems for your needs. Our goal is to make sure you’re comfortable and understand:

  • Integration: Technologies are only as good as their ability to work in concert with each other. In today’s world, everything is interconnected.
  • Expandability: We select systems that have add-on capabilities. Technology is ever-changing, so we seek to find systems that can be expanded as your needs change.
  • Options: We’ve worked with many types of systems and different configurations. Because of that, we are able to help you select the product that works best for your unique situation.
  • Budget: By planning up front, we can help you find the most efficient and cost-effective methods for your project, avoiding re-work down the road for unforeseen needs.

The Same Design/Build & Service Approach

Our Work in Data & Communications

Designed to make your life easier, Lyons Integrated Systems allows us to be a single source for your building, service, and data needs. Whether you are planning for new construction or are looking for retrofit work, let’s talk to see how we can futurize your building with the newest technologies in data and communication. Today’s low voltage technology can power a myriad of resources. And we bring the same design/build plus service approach to our work at Lyons Integrated Systems. One team designs, same team installs systems that leverage:

Wifi Network & Cabling

Access, reliability, and speed. From hardwired solutions to whole-facility wifi access points, Lyons Integrated Systems can build the infrastructure for your data and technology needs. Keep your team connected and your systems running smoothly with a strong data infrastructure.


Leveraging the power of audio and visual controls inside your building can enhance both your employee and customer experiences. At Lyons Electric, our team can design, install, and train you on the use of these critical technologies to support your unique business goals.

Camera Security Systems

Bolstering the security protocol at your facility starts with a well-designed system. The overall design, along with camera placement, systems wiring and installation, and video storage and replay are all critical components of our work.

Sound Masking

When speech privacy is of utmost importance, we have experience installing systems that will mask communications to provide confidentiality. Similar to paging and background music systems, masking simply emits a white noise, broadband random sound that is undistinguished by listeners.

Fire Alarm Systems

As experts in buildings systems, the team at Lyons Electric has extensive experience in working with the State of Wisconsin to design and install leading edge fire alarm and protection systems. Be it new construction or retrofit design of an existing facility, ensure the systems are in place to protect your facility and your people.

Access Control

Overall building control, memory care wander management technologies, gated property access, and zoned security products can help you protect your assets and minimize your risk. We will work with you to design, install and support a system that effectively manages your protocols, people, and property.

Data & Phone

In today’s technology-driven world, the structural integrity of your data and phone systems is paramount. From overall data network design to cabling and telecommunications hardware, our team brings a business-first approach to the table.

Systems Integration

Technology works at its best when all systems communicate with each other…and when they are as easy as possible for the user. At Lyons, our focus is on integration and simplification of all your data and low voltage needs.

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