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The Lyons Electric Design/Build Approach

Most commercial electrical contractors focus on the details of bids, schedules, labor, and parts inventory. At Lyons Electric, we see the world a little differently, knowing that each of those things is part of a bigger picture plan. And when the big picture is clear, the details don’t create drama…just dramatic results!

That philosophy guides our design/build approach to commercial electrical work. A thorough, well thought out design ensures:

  • Detail: We hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to the detail quality of our designs. When it comes to information, there can never be too much. After all, our designs become our playbook for exceptional installation…our team’s roadmap for success.
  • Value: A thorough plan leads to fewer change orders and our practice of designing around a budget ensures our projects are completed on time and on budget.
  • Time Savings: Some people prefer to back off a project once the contract is signed, while others like to be there and be updated every step of the way. With a design/build approach, you can have input on all of the details up front, saving you time throughout the project.

Our Work

Experienced in many areas & industries

Specialized Approach

If we’ve learned anything from being in business since 1979, it’s that the design/build approach is unique in each industry. From varying regulations to differing priorities, it’s important for us to start a project with a deep knowledge of the industry you are part of, specializing our approach to your needs:

• Healthcare and Assisted Living
• Petroleum & Convenience Stores
• Religious & Nonprofit
• Industrial & Manufacturing
• Commercial & Retail

New Construction

Partnering with Wisconsin’s leading general contractors and architects, our work begins with design and continues through construction, ensuring that owner, contractor, and crew are all focused on the success of your new construction project.

Project Management

Great design and expert installation are only 2/3 of the equation. Communicative service, foresight and vision, resource planning, and constant attention to detail are the added measures of project management success we bring to work each and every day.

Renovation & Retrofit

Advancing technology such as LED lighting can save your business significantly. We can design a facility lighting retrofit or electrical renovation that leverages these new products to save both maintenance and electrical costs for years to come.

Petroleum & Convenience

The unique nature of the petroleum market requires deep knowledge in classified wiring, pump control, and safety. Our work in this industry also extends to car wash controls, corrosion and explosion proof systems, and leak detection.

We Do It, Because It Works

Benefits of the Design/Build Method

Design/build is a project delivery method for commercial electrical contractors in which the team is contracted for the entirety of the project from initial designs through construction completion. While a lot of companies say they can do design build, Lyons Electric’s version of design build stands out. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of working with our team of commercial electrical contractors.


Our project managers are realistic when it comes to reviewing the initial design in relation to the budget and production schedule. Our number one priority is getting your project completed without any unexpected line items on the bill or pushed back completion dates. Over the years, we’ve gotten good at keeping original deadlines and costs low.

It’s On Us

In the event of an error in the design phase, it is on us to make it right. This takes the stress out of the project for you and stresses the importance of detailed plans for us.

Details Matter

As the saying goes “treat someone the way you’d like to be treated.” In our industry, “give the level of detail that you’d like to be given” is more relevant. And with our design build, that is exactly what we do. When we write details, we are writing them to set our own builders up for success in completing the project up to our standards, on time and on budget.

Budget-Based Decisions

In a typical build process, you are relying heavily on the design budget to be correct, because engineers will follow the design, regardless of the cost of doing so. At Lyons, all design/build projects begin with a budget in mind and all decisions while building are based on that budget to save you from surprises later.

Workflow Continuity

With design/build, the designer is also the installer, bringing continuity and consistency in the workflow. Knowledge of both sides of the coin allows us to think in terms of both form and function throughout your project.

Industry Knowledge

Healthcare. Industrial Service. Schools. Religious buildings. Industrial construction. Petroleum. Mining. Retail. We know the codes and we have the various certifications that make each industry unique. When we put a bid on the project, we are bringing years of experience to make sure the project meets all regulations.

Fewer Change Orders

Clear expectations and fewer oversights. Our industry is prone to change orders, but these kinds of conflicts don’t happen when the same company designs and builds, saving you money and time.

Realistic Price Conversations

With our experience in both designing and building, we can be realistic up front with which budgets are reasonable and which budgets aren’t going to cut it. We are happy to have that conversation and look into options to make sure you get the product you want without breaking the bank.


Getting to know our customer is important to us because it’s important to you. Whether it means sitting in on committee decision meetings, meeting with executives, or simply being available to answer a call, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure you are happy with the final product.


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